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What are SIDIES?

Passionately crafted with lots of care, SIDIES are healthy and tasty side dishes to nourish our lives. Created and founded by Mehran (Mike), SIDIES is a Los Angeles based brand inspired by years of experience and love for world cuisines.

Our Story

Growing up, Mike always enjoyed helping his mother and grandmothers in the kitchen. He spent his childhood picking vine leaves to roll into dolmas, climbing black mulberries, cherry, and walnut trees, growing herbs, beans, and radishes with his grandfather, raising chickens over summer time and climbing mountains in the late spring to hunt wild rhubarb and Angelica buds for pickling!

Mike has had the privilege of extraordinary international culinary experiences over the course of his life; sheep’s yogurts cultured in clay pots in small villages in the heart of forests of Northern Iran, cheese, chocolates, and fine wines from Belgium, crafted beers and sausages at the best breweries in the stunning Bamburg Germany, mesquite grilled shawarmas and seafoods of Dubai, crafted tzatziki, feta, olives, and olive oils of Greece, and king fish tandoori of Goa, India... just to name a few!

Mike came to the United States in 2004. Three weeks after his arrival, he took a full time job at LA’s farmers markets. For the past 18 years he has served thousands of customers and he is still actively representing healthy and quality products and services in multiple Los Angeles farmers markets.

Our Goal

Mike strives for perfection in every aspect of his life! His goal is to make you say WOW! His wish is to see a spark of healthy joy in his customers eyes. He finds fulfillment in providing his clients with healthy, fresh, and delicious foods to enrich their lives. Mike goes above and beyond to create products that are simply extraordinary!

At SIDIES, we believe in health as much as a joyful culinary experience. It takes a master to bring these two ideas together. We do not hesitate to discard any unhealthy ingredients from our recipes and at the same time, we stay away from basic or ordinary ingredients. SIDIES are healthy, crafted side dishes that will WOW you!