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16 ounce jar of mediterranean pickled turnip
Overhead view of several rows of open jars of pickled turnip with a piece of red beet for color
label for 16oz jar of Mediterranean pickled turnip
Small bowl of pickled turnip next to an open jar of Mediterranean pickled turnip

Mediterranean Pickled Turnip

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Our Mediterranean Pickled Turnip, with its stunning pink color from beetroots and their anti-microbial health benefits is as healthy as it is beautiful. Pickled turnip is a global staple to accompany hummus, shawarma, rotisserie chicken, tabouli salad, baba ganoush, and pita bread! 

Enjoy SIDIES Mediterranean Pickled Turnip as a healthy, sugar-free snack, dip it in hummus, throw them over a salad, or side them with your meals. Even the little ones fall in love with our Mediterranean Pickled Turnip! 

Must be refrigerated and it will last over 6-months. 

SIDIES Mediterranean Pickled Turnip is available in 16oz glass jars.